Cnewr Estate

Holiday cottage and farmhouse rentals in Brecon Beacons

Enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Brecon Beacons in one of our beautiful holiday homes
We are proud of our heritage as a family-run farm and we enjoy sharing our wonderful home with holiday visitors.
At Cnewr, you get a glimpse of a Wales that has changed very little over time, apart from your luxurious holiday accommodation!

Although we have a foot in the past, we have a keen eye on the future. We still take water from a local spring but these days, we treat the water before it arrives in the houses. Guests tell us they find this pure, chemical-free water is a delicious treat during their stay. Also, we are always exploring ways to protect the environment. That's why we adopted biomass heating systems and set up our own hydro-electric scheme some time ago.

We hope you'll enjoy this combination of tradition and modernity during your stay.

Reviews from our guests at Cnewr
We love our 5* holiday homes and we hope you will too
How to book
Please contact Rachel Chapel for all holiday bookings and enquiries.
Please note that we are very busy over 2021 and do not have any
more availability until November.